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Documentation Made Easy

Let AI create step-by-step instructions for you.

Simply type what instructions you need

  1. Tell Opus Guide what instructions you want the AI to create for you
Let the AI create your instructions

  1. Hit "Generate" and let the algorithm do its magic
Start working with your new instruction set

  1. Start working with your newly documented instructions

A simple solution for creating user manuals, for browser-based applications.

Hubert Knapp

I am now able to create an instructional document in just 3 minutes, a task that previously would have taken me over an hour to complete.


For those of us that write medical SOPs or whom work in the medical QA/QC field will deeply appreciate the functionality of this app.


I will highly recommend the product. Its super easy to use.

Kay E.

Create documents very fast.

In seconds

Easy to use

Interface is simple

Chrome extension

Create digital documentation automatically

Documenting processes takes a lot of time.
With Opus●Guide you can save hours each week.


Systematize your business seamlessly